who we are

TWYA was established in early 2021 and was finally registered as a charity organizations in November 2021 with a passion to empower young girls and women to thrive within their communities and the world at at large. We take young girls and women through a tunnel of education through workshops, events and projects. Such that brings wellness and skills and the impartation of knowledge in various aspects of life to maximise in Womanhood.
TWYA works together with the Teens2thrivE Girls NGO collaboratively. The teenage girls are supported with the transition to Womanhood with the support and empowerment we give to them, aspiring and becoming The Woman You Are.

What we do

We provide advice and support to empower young girls and women experiencing mental health problems. We campaign to improve health and social services for women. We raise awareness and promote understanding. Impact knowledge by educated programs and projects.

Our Aim:
The aim of the organisation is to bring lost glory to the girls and women of BAME communities within Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. Where ever girls and women have been undermined and neglected or unheard,
we aim to empower them to identify themselves, thrive by being courageous and confident to bring out the best of themselves.
We aim to impact knowledge and enable girls and woimen to identify their skills and potentials, in other to be able to impact the next generations of young women in the society.
We aspire to support the girls and women in the society in various ways such as
Empowerment through educated projects
Reduce poverty
Reduce anxiety and isolation
Enhance health and Well-being
Nurture motherhood
Build self-esteem and confidence.
Improve family & relationships
Increase their skills and potentials

The Wowan That You Are

We aim to see our women who are participants in this organisation becoming leaders and role models.

get involved

We support, influence, empower, we give knowledge and inform, we campaign and create awareness of who women are created to be

be a volunteer

Volunteer in our projects and workshops to make a difference to girls and young women in the community.


Promoting health

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Well Being

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Become an empowerment that lasts for our Young Wowen.